Corporate Profile

Choosing the right product is important but choosing the right business partner to work together with you is more essential. However, Techbond has it all.

What is Techbond?

Techbond is one of the 14 Malaysian brand award winners in 2010 and this has again proven the assurance of quality, excellence, and distinction of our adhesive products served to customers. Techbond provides solution to various kinds of industry. Eg: woodworking, packaging, bookbinding, cigarette, automotive, hygienic, building and construction, stationery and etc.


Therefore, Techbond have been working very hard towards greener environment so that the people producing and using adhesive products enjoy a safe and healthy environment. The products produced are of low toxicity, low VOC, Non- Formaldehyde-Added, product of Indirect FDA 21CFR175.105 and etc. Effluent is being treated by removing contaminants in the water before the clear, clean, and non-toxic water is being released out. This is why TECHBOND have won gold medal in social responsible care award continuously for many years.


Commitment to Our Environment and to Our People

We contribute to healthy eco-environment by supplying low-VOC and low hazardous adhesives. Our products meet stringent testing standard of Japan and Europe, in order to provide safer and better living space for our customers and our product users.

We ensure that responsibility-care commitment always been prioritized to make a safer, equal and productive working environment to our people, our business partners and even to our customers.


Commitment to Our Customers

Techbond always act as a business partner to every customer where we provide products and services that fulfill the expectations for value, quality and timeliness.


Commitment to Our Quality

With our compliances to international quality standard, we are committed to provide high quality adhesives and ready to channel best bonding solution to our customers and business partners. We incorporate technology and innovation into our products process, helping our customers pursue high satisfactory and meet final goals.