We are a brand owner and have developed and manufactured industrial adhesives and sealants that are marketed under our own brand names. We carry out product development and enhancement to promote our products and use our brand names to enter new markets. It enables us to create product differentiation, make our products more recognisable, build customer loyalty and help to keep our Group’s image in the mind of our potential customers.

Our Competitive Advantages and Key Strengths

The sustainability & growth of our business is supported by our competitive advantages and key strengths, which include the following:

Track record in developing and selling industrial adhesives for more than 20 years

Our Group has accumulated a track record for more than 20 years as a developer and manufacturer of industrial adhesives since the commencement of business operations in 1996. Throughout the years, we have built awareness of our products and capabilities, which helps to secure new customers and grow our business.

In-house R&D capabilities

We have an in-house R&D centre located at our Shah Alam Factory Complex, Our in-house R&D centre together with our qualified personnel, enable us to conduct in-house R&D activities to customise adhesives, develop new ranges of adhesives, and undertake continuous product improvement and enhancement to improve product quality and performance, and customer satisfaction.

Various independent certifications to provide product performance assurance

We have obtained independent certification for compliance with product performance and safety, or environmental standards for some of the industrial adhesives that we manufacture. These independent certifications provide our customers with assurance that our respective adhesives comply with specific product performance, safety or environmental standards.

Certified quality control system

We have also received ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification for our water-based and hot melt adhesives manufacturing operations in Malaysia. Our quality management system and quality control procedures help to maintain customer trust and loyalty by ensuring that our products consistently meet with the required specifications.

Significant foreign operations provide further business growth opportunities

A large proportion of our revenue is derived from foreign markets. Having diversified geographic markets and significant revenue from foreign markets allow us to have a large addressable market. This will help to sustain and grow our business.

Experienced management and technical team

We have an experienced management team headed by Mr. Lee Seng Thye, our Managing Director and the founder of our group of companies, who has more than 30 years of experience in the industrial adhesive industry. Our experienced management and technical team will help drive our business and provide the platform for growth.