We have been listening to our customers. They inspire our brand to continuously in delivering value-added products. We believe that our brand royalty comes from our customer satisfaction.

In order to assure customers satisfaction, choosing the right adhesive for customers are essential. It can eliminate complains of customers, wood substrates opened up, extra packaging, processing and reduce assembly and inventory costs while improving end product reliability, customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.

TECHBOND market covers wood working, food and beverage packaging, cigarette manufacturing, book binding, building and construction, automotive, mattress industry and other niche markets.

Our adhesive product serves customer specific needs, providing high productivity and cost effective. Our latest adhesives, INNOMELT allows customer to enjoy low down-time, great bonding and low machinery maintenance, due to its advanced polymer technology.


Our product ideology drives our prominent in the market.

S uperior Performance: Our product has better performance and distinguished from others.

U tility Specified: Our product is specially developed suit to customer utility and application processing.

C ost Effective: Our product provides cost-effectiveness to our customers.

C onvenient to Use: Our product should eliminate trouble in gluing process, giving easier way to use and handle.

E fficiency and Productivity: Our product helps to upgrade process efficiency and increase productivity.

S afety and Healthy: TECHBOND water-based and 100% solid adhesives are your choice because it contains NO solvent and Low VOC.

S olution Fusion: Our product fuses with surrounding elements to provide customer complex bonding result satisfaction.