Edge banding adhesive – edge banding hot-melt adhesive suitable for bonding PVC, Veneer, ABS, and melamine resin edges.
Sofa assembly adhesive – Water-based, Hot Melt & Solvent-based adhesives suitable for foam assembly and lamination process.
D4 Wood lamination adhesive – Innovative D4 series used for lamination of wood products such as board lamination, scantling lamination and profile lamination, etc.
Finger-joint adhesive – polyvinyl acetate adhesive for finger joint application.
D3 Wood lamination adhesive – single component water resistance polyvinyl acetate adhesive. It is suitable for the bonding at board joints, dowelling, veneer lamination and high-pressure lamination. It can be used in cold, heated and high frequency presses.
Paper overlay adhesive – water based adhesive that specifically designed for paper overlay application. Commonly used on plywood, chipboard, MDF boards and HPL boards
Membrane press adhesive – water base adhesive with high molecular weight polyurethane dispersion. This product used as a heat activated. thermosetting membrane press adhesive.
Door assembly adhesive – Water-based and Hot-melt PUR adhesive suitable for door manufacturing process. Wood door lamination, honeycomb assembly and dowel joints.
Drawer Railing Adhesive – Water based adhesive suitable for assembling drawer railing in wooden cabinets.
Girl in a jacket Post forming adhesive – polyvinyl acetate for post forming process. Suitable for continuous through-feed post forming machines, manual bending machines and stationary post forming machines working in cycles
Veneer Splicing Adhesives- Hot melt adhesices in the process of tapeless splicing veneers on a wide variety of machines.
Tongue & Grooves Adhesive – Water based adhesive suitable for tongues & groove assembly.